The Best Way to Find a New Hair Salon and Hair Stylist

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When I have clients that are moving away to another city they’re always asking me how they should look for a new hair salon, or “how am I going to find another hairstylist?” First thing you could do is check their Google reviews, check their Yelp reviews. Google reviews and Yelp are good to get referrals too. But go in to the top salons you choose from those review sites for a consult. That’s how you can know for sure based on the feeling you get and if you like what they have to offer.

I also tell my clients, and this is important, especially those who have a certain hair type and they need a hair stylist who really understands their kind of hair, to always look at other people who have a similar hair type to yourself, look and see that they have a nice color job and a nice cut job done. And something that looks like it’s done well. That’s not always easy to tell unless you know exactly what to look for, but most people know what they like and what looks good. So you look and find out where that person goes to get their hair done. And get 2 or 3 different salon referrals that way and then call the hair salons on your list and then book a consultation with each. Consultations should always be free. And make sure you go to all three and see how you feel at each one and then make your decision based on the salon consultation that made you feel the best.

For example, you’d say something like this, “Sorry to bug you, I’m new to the city I’m looking for a hair stylist, OMG I love everything about your hair, the cut the style, everything. Who does your hair?” Get the name of that salon and check it out.


“Yes, consultations should always be free. And go to three and see how you feel.”


It’s important to gauge your reaction to each salon and stylist you talk to. See how you feel, what’s the vibe? Do they seem confident or do they seem cocky? Do they seem knowledgeable or are they just pushing out regurgitated words they heard from someone else? Are they faking it or is it real? And that’s not a good attitude to have. It’s what you’re taught in the industry or it’s no good, not a bit from here or there or from that magazine. You really want someone who knows the industry.

It’s right when you’ve seen their work and their portfolio and you really like the type of work they’ve done.  You want someone you feel good with, someone you’re comfortable with. See the kinds of things they do when they have a customer sitting in their chair at the salon. Go to their website, look at their photo gallery and give it a good once over. See their philosophy, see their customer reviews, read the testimonials.  Check out the types of things like customer service that are important to them and how they promise to treat their customers. And feel the overall vibe of the place and the person you meet with as well as the staff.

See, if you have a good vibe with the hair stylist, a good connection, if you like the energy of the person then that is most likely the stylist for you and the hair salon you want to go to.

Don’t always make your first bet on the first person you meet, really check out all three options and if that first place still stands out at the top of your list then that’s the best hair salon for you to go to.

That’s the best way to find a new hair salon and hair stylist.


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