Styling Benefits of Clean & Conditioned Hair

hair-wash-conditionIn the past when it comes to styling we’ve been taught to have dirty hair because it styles better. We’ve also been told not to condition our roots. I say the opposite works better. Clean hair that’s been conditioned from roots to tip listens better to our hot tools. Shiny, clean, fully conditioned and bouncy hair just looks so much more beautiful than drab, grimy and dingy hair. As clients we have not been given the proper education and products to achieve the same look as when we leave the salon. So here are a few tips that I use everyday when I work with clients’ hair.

More product does not mean cleaner hair.

To have clean hair does not mean to use lots of product. When washing your hair you should repeat as many times as needed until your hair gets to a sudsy stage. This means wash, rinse and repeat until your hair is clean. Each time you wash, you should be able to use less product. When you achieve this your conditioner will be able to perform how it’s supposed to.

Condition your hair’s roots to the ends.
Yes, this is true. Our scalp needs moisture just as much as our hair needs it. If you are not conditioning your scalp it will over compensate and therefore you will have a greasy, oily scalp much faster than if you give it the moisture and proteins it needs. Leave the conditioner on for at least 3 to 5 minutes and comb it through to deliver all the good stuff right where it needs to go. The rest of the conditioner should be rinsed off the hair properly. Do not over rinse or under rinse. It should not be squeaky clean (over rinsed) and it should not have any residue when you touch it (under rinsed).·
Blow drying will be easier.
When you are filling your hair with all the proper proteins and moisture it needs there is no more room for the water to hold on to. Therefore your water will be forced out of the cuticle instead of hanging on to it until it dissipates into the air. This also creates another chain reaction. With your hair healthy and moisturized the blowdryer will need less time on the cuticle, and in turn you create less heat damage to the hair over the long term. As a result you’ll have the beautiful, healthy, shiny and bouncy hair that others are jealous of!

These are a few of my tips at the basin and behind the chair. To really see the way we work, book some time with one of us at Juice Salon and we can give you a hands on demonstration that’s proven to work!



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