It’s So Easy Being Green

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I Dared To Be Green

When I opened Juice Salon and Esthetics in Vancouver I knew I wanted to be a green salon. Even before Vancouver was one of the world’s greenest cities and had its Greenest City Initiative I had always believed it was good to be green. But daring to be green wasn’t going to be easy. It meant really taking a hard look at what it meant to be an environmentally friendly hair salon and being able to really be committed to that ideal.

What It Means To Be A Green Salon

When making the decision to be an eco friendly hair salon there were some things I definitely wasn’t going to budge on. I wanted to leave as small a footprint as I could. I wanted to use products that were cruelty free. I wanted to recycle and I wanted to give back to the Earth in a real sustainable way. If I could do that then I knew I really understood what it means to be a salon that was being ethical and environmentally conscious. And I’m a firm believer that you can be a prosperous business and not ruin the world we live in while making a living.


What We Do To Stay True To Our Commitment To the Environment

Almost all of our waste material gets recycled. This includes hair, the foils we use, our empty color tubes and more.

My favorite act of recycling is what we do with the tons of hair on the cutting room floor that accumulates everyday. Every single hair that falls to the ground in our salon gets collected and then stuffed into nylons. There it remains stored until there is an oil spill. The nylons of hair are used to pull the oil out of rivers, lakes and oceans. When I think of all the plant and animal life that is saved I know I’m taking part in that.

dare-to-be-green-juice-salon-vancouver“Going green was something I knew I wanted to do when I opened Juice Salon and Esthetics.” ~ Jennifer Cook

We use Pureology and Eminence in our salon and both those product lines are cruelty free.

Using Eminence organic skin care allows us to plant a tree for every product we sell. To date, Juice Salon and Esthetics has planted over 800 trees. That is something I am super proud of and I’m always excited at the thought that everyday we can plant even more trees.

Garbage is a necessary evil of being human, I think. It’s sad but true. At the salon we wanted to throw away as little as possible. We manage to only throw away approximately 1 large bag of garbage a week as opposed to 1 large bag of refuse a day.

We’ve always washed the towels we use in our salon services efficiently. But that’s not enough. I wanted to go a step further so we take our over used and worn out hair towels and they become our hand towels. Imagine how much paper and trees we save by doing this. I like to think about it because it makes doing laundry when I’m exhausted a whole lot more enjoyable. Okay, maybe not enjoyable. But it does make it a lot more worth it.

I can honestly say that it’s so easy being green because it isn’t just something we do at the salon. Daring to be green is the way I choose to live. And it’s worth it. How do you show your green side?

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