Hottest Summer 2015 Haircuts, Hair Color and Hairstyle Trends

Hottest Summer 2015 Haircuts, Hair Color and Hairstyle Trends - Juice Salon Vancouver-1000x271In 3 days summer will officially be here and you’ll want to head to the salon. During the drab wet and cold months of winter we bundle up, covering up our hair and maybe letting our hair grow out and look style-less. But when the first signs of summer hit it’s in our nature to want to feel refreshed and brand new, and nothing says fresh to death and brand new like a fresh cut and new must have hair color. Beach weather and wedding season and patio parties is what summer is all about so we thought we’d arm you with some of the hottest and most popular hair trends for summer 2015.





The New Pixie Cuts and Short Edgy and Asymmetrical ‘Do’s

From Scarlett Johansson to Lily Collins and Kristen Stewart these days short is not just avant-garde it’s sexy. Bold and daring these haircuts range from the pretty pixie hairstyle that’s cropped so close you’d think it was wrong. But Lily Collins pixie is very feminine and a great way to tap into her rockstar roots. ScarJo and KStew take a more edgy rock ‘n roll style with asymmetrical cuts that just touch the cheekbones and showcases their dauntless personalities and their beautiful features to perfection.










Bangs and Bobs

From a boyish cut to a haircut with a boyish name nothing is prettier on a gal than a modern and chic bob. Bangs can be longer or shorter depending on your mood but if this is a hairstyle for you make sure the fringe you choose frames your features beautifully. Check out Katie Holmes’ fashionable bob with straight bangs. We think she wears it well.











The Rumpled Lob

From the Bob to the Rumpled Lob this haircut trend is very popular because it’s somewhere between long hair that can feel boring at times and a super fun shorter cut that starts with layers at the chin. Karlie Kloss’s lob started the trend and we know it as the Karlie Kut. But we like it best on the gorgeous Sophia Bush who rocks it.













Long Graduated Layers

Long hair is an evergreen staple when it comes to hairstyles and haircut trends. But nowadays no one wants a drab long haircut that is all one long boring length. You need to chop it up a bit. The updated version of the long hairstyle has graduated layers that start at the chin, then layers at the collarbone and finally some layers at the chest.

Depth is achieved with layers that gradually play out into a long, lustrous hairstyle. And with long hair remember to give those longer layers some extra lock love. Using an ultra hydrating conditioner from Pureology once a week will give your lovely long haircut all the fortification it needs.

We couldn’t decide who wears their hair with long layers better, Olivia Munn or Kendall Jenner so we decided to show you both.


Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones Season 3 Hair Color

Michelle Williams Platinum Blonde


Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Not only was it a popular ’90’s rock band it’s also a timeless hair color and that’s why Platinum Blonde tresses are so popular and will always be in style. It’s a hair color trend that is bold, ethereal, alluring and appealing. And we say if it’s good enough for Daenerys Targaryen it’s good enough for anyone. Even Michelle Williams took a page from Khaleesi’s Game of Thrones style book and wears a platinum blonde color paired with a stylish bob with side swept bangs. Are you daring enough to bring this fantasy hair color to your own personal flair?



Caramel Blonde Hair Color

This shade of blonde just sounds sweet and it is also gorgeous and flattering on almost anyone and everyone. It just feels like summer and it’s one of the most popular shades of color. Warmer than its cousin Platinum Blonde, Caramel Blonde is still stunning and head turning but less shock and awesome than platinum. Models, celebrities and the girl next door choose this shade to show their sweet and their sensual side. Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is famous for this signature hair color.








Copper Red Hair Color

Red never used to be a color people requested when they went to a salon to get a professional hair color done. But those days are over. Instead of only seeing one or two celebrities and everyday women wearing red we see a plethora of savvy women rocking this amazing rich color. Now it’s a color regularly requested by women everywhere at top hair salons. Times they are a changing. Other than this fabulous shade of Copper Red that looks so luscious on actress Emma Stone you can chose from a wide selection of red hair colors from auburn red to chestnut red to strawberry red. Ask your hair colorist to customize a shade of red just for you.






Blonde with Pink Ombre Hair Color | Best Hair Extensions

Gorgeous Ombre Hair Extensions | Best Hair Extensions Vancouver

Any Kind of Ombre Will Do

Getting an ombre hair color style isn’t going away anytime soon. Whether your hair is cropped in a bob, a lob or long and layered, an ombre hair color is in. It works for straight hair and hair with long or short tousled waves or curls. You can get it with any combinations of colors from blonde in any shade and funky hot pink ombre to a more traditional and sultry ombre color combination. Whatever you choose we guarantee it’s going to look hot on you.





Super Long Braids

If you don’t want to wait for your hair to grow out and you want it super long now, your best bet is to go for some Rapunzel hair extensions or a weave. And after if you want some super long Bo Derek braids why not get them done at the salon while you’re still in the chair after getting your weave or hair extensions put in.

Zoe Kravitz is channeling her mom Lisa Bonet with her super long braids.








The Waterfall Braid

The Waterfall Braid has got to be one of our favorite styles of braids in a long time. It’s so popular that it’s easy to see it everywhere you go. It’s great for daytime, nighttime, graduations, weddings, special events and occasions, the list can go on and on. And it’s one of those hair trends that is universal. No matter your age you can get away with wearing it if it’s done right. It’s beautiful and classic and classy and it creates this cascading effect on your tresses that is simply perfection. It’s one of the most versatile hairstyles we’ve seen in a long time and we love it.

Going to the hair salon is like a summer ritual and what you want is the hottest and most popular haircuts, hair colors and hairstyle trends to make you look your best and feel brand new. Trends are great for looking fresh and contemporary but always remember these trends can be tailored to suit your individual style. Looking stylish and feeling amazing is the best way to tell whether or not you got exactly what you wanted. Make sure to bring in pictures of your favorite hairstyles and of celebrities that you like showcasing the latest trends in haircuts and the color shades and choices that you want for yourself. Talk with your hairstylist or hair color technician first to make sure you get the absolutely best look for you.

What are your favorite hair trends? Did you see some of your favorites here or do you have some hairstyles you wish we’d included on our list? We’d love to find out what they are. Let us know in the comments. 🙂

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