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Hair Extensions 101

Commonly Asked Questions:

How much do they cost and how long does it take?

Every client varies so therefore cost does as well. Depending on the length, desired thickness of hair and time it takes to apply. The average head of hair can take 1 1/2 – 3 1/2 hours. We suggest to come in for one of our free consultations.

Does it damage my hair?

The bonding system we use is from a vegetable keratin protein based formula. It’s easily removed and doesn’t damage the cuticle. The only damage caused is from personal neglect or mistreatment of the extensions. All personal care is taught during your extension appointment to achieve the maximum results.

How long does it last?

The average head of hair extensions will last 5-7 full months with a small touch-up appointment at approximately the 3 month point.

What kind if hair do you use?

We use 5A-6A Virgin Remy hair which is the highest quality hair we can get our clients. You can choose from Indian, Brazilian or European hair. We suggest weekly deep conditioning treatments to keep the hair in the most beautiful condition possible.

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair extensions or Remi hair is a term that means all cuticles are facing the same direction. If the hair you purchase does not say Remy/Remi, there is higher chance of easily tangling or major snapback which happens while brushing or combing. This is usually the case in cheap and low quality or synthetic “fake” hair extensions.

How do I care for my hair?

There are some tips and tricks to get the best hair extensions and the longest lasting results. At Juice Salon we will be sure to give you all the knowledge you need to care for your luscious locks at home just like we would if you were in the chair.

Can I wash and style my Remy hair extensions?

You can do all the same things to your hair extensions that you do to your hair, remembering of course they are attached to your hair and need to be treated with care. Hot tools work great just keep the heat away from the bond. Also there are special brushes you can purchase to properly comb through the hair and avoid ripping or tangles.

What products should I use?

We recommend using Pureology shampoo and conditions. The system for your specific hair will be recommended on site during your appointment. Proper usage and care will also be explained.


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