10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time

10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time

Throughout the years celebrities have influenced style and fashion of women all around the world. No where is that more evident then in the hairstyles women choose to wear. I don’t think there is one person on the planet who hasn’t taken a celebrity photo into their hair dresser and said, “I want this hairstyle.” Science would call this trend a hair phenomena and no one really knows why a certain haircut takes off and captures the hearts and minds of a culture. I’m sure if anyone could figure out that formula they would bottle it as an expensive hairspray and it would fly off the shelves.

And since we know that every hairstyle today is somewhat influenced by hairstyles of the past we thought it would be fun to take a look back at 10 of the best celebrity hairstyles of all time and rank them. These tresses are the ones we thought were the best, most popular, most memorable and still had the most hair clout today in the industry.

10 – The Greek Goddess





There is something soft, elegant, feminine and timeless about the Greek Goddess hairstyle. Not only does it evoke feelings of a different time but it also adds a certain air of natural beauty and grace to those who decide to style their hair this way. Renaissance painters loved this hairstyle and even today women choose this hairstyle for weddings, graduations, and red carpet events. From Jennifer Lopez to your best friend, the Greek Goddess hairstyle will make you look beautiful.





9 – The Cleopatra




Elizabeth Taylor was the embodiment of power and grace as the iconic ruler Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. No wonder her movie Cleopatra hairstyle inspired an entire population of woman to copy her look. The Cleopatra is as hot today as it was then. Stars like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Madonna and Christina Aguilera have all reigned supreme in this regal hairstyle. This is one look that proves sometimes a hairstyle looks great on anyone at anytime.






8 – The Diana Ross




Women of color always make a splash when they get it right with their hair. Back in the day the full on Afro was the in thing for women who could pull it off. Beautifully showcasing the natural beauty of African American hair the Diana Ross said, “I’m proud of my natural beauty.” In the past few years there has been a resurgence in the way women of color wear their hair and the luxurious Diana Ross is not just trendy once again, but a contemporary embracing of self. The only minor difference is that in the updated incarnation this hairstyle may not be worn as voluminous as it once was. It’s a natural alternative to weaves and wigs and gives the women who wear their hair in this bold fashion the freedom to just be themselves. And that is a very beautiful thing.






7 – The Pageboy




Remember back in the ’80’s and ’90’s when supermodels were super popular? Everything they did made the world stop and stare. So in 1989 when Linda Evangelista cut off all her hair and introduced the world of fashion and modelling to the Pageboy hairstyle everyone was in shock. It was a time when long hair was in and for some their long locks were their stock in trade. Evangelista had done something unprecedented and flamboyant and women followed suit. Short hair had become the new beautiful thanks to the supermodel and her new Pageboy look.






6 – The Bo Derek Cornrows Hairstyle




Who knew braids could be so sexy? Obviously Bo Derek did and she made it mainstream when she romped on the beach in a swimsuit in a 1979 film. It’s hard to think of Bo Derek and not to think of her blonde beaded cornrows. The funny thing about this hairstyle is that women of color had been wearing their hair like this for aeons and nobody thought it was a hairstyle that could be revered or even imitated in popular culture. It just goes to show you that when the timing is right and Hollywood’s lightning strikes all it takes is a new perspective and some fetching braids to change the point of view of a nation.






5 – The Marilyn Monroe




Marilyn Monroe was such an iconic figure forever immortalized in Hollywood history that its no wonder there is a hairstyle named after her. Her short platinum locks made her a bombshell breakout practically overnight. Her image was so magnetic that even Madonna paid homage to the beloved ’50’s starlet in her chart topping music video “Material Girl”. Everyone knew who Madonna was emulating and even today talented actors like Drew Barrymore like to channel the Marilyn Monroe via updated versions of the Marilyn Monroe hairstyle.






4 – The Farrah Fawcett Feathered Flip Hairstyle




It’s not too certain whether it was Charlie’s Angel’s or her hairstyle that made Farrah Fawcett a bonafide movie star, but whatever strange magic was in play it worked. You couldn’t walk down the street in the early ’80’s without seeing girls everywhere sporting this defining hairstyle. It was California fresh to be sure and it became a standard look for North America in almost every household in North America. No other hairstyle said you were young, fun and carefree more than the Farrah Fawcett Feathered Filp hairstyle. Today you will recognize wisps of the original in the more modern tousled waves.





3 – The Brigette Bardot Hairstyle





Brigette Bardot was a screen siren who gave the world multiple gorgeous hairstyles to choose from. No matter how she did her hair you always knew she would be absolutely stunning. This tousled bed hair would prove not only to be sexy but it would become the signature hairstyle of the modern day blonde bombshell. Pamela Anderson and Claudia Schiffer loved to wear their hair in the Brigette Bardot hairstyle and in fact it’s part of what they are remembered for best. Health, youth and totally beautiful and aware of it is what this hairstyle proclaims. Any girl who wears their hair in this artfully messed way feels an instant change in how they feel about themselves. The modern version of the Brigette Bardot can be seen on celebrities like Blake Lively and on Victoria’s Secret Angels who never walk the runway in anything but this hairstyle.





2 – The Pixie Hairstyle




Nobody rocks the Pixie like Halle Berry. This gorgeous Oscar winner is always red carpet ready and her Pixie hairstyle is always fresh to death. Hair cropped this short could go horribly wrong on the wrong person but with features like Berry’s its always best face forward. Showcasing her ethnic features to perfection I can’t think of another star who wears the Pixie cut as well as Halle Berry does. It’s like she never looks better than when her hair is this short, which is in total juxtaposition to convention since most people think beauty is synonymous with long hair. And even though she looks amazing in longer hair, which she has done in the past, I think fans everywhere cheered when she went back to her signature Pixie hairstyle.





1 – ‘The Rachel’ Hairstyle


In the 90’s there wasn’t a salon in North America who didn’t hear at least 10 times a day, “I want ‘The Rachel’.” Not only was the TV show it came from the TV show of an era, but the character of Rachel Green was forever immortalized because of a simple haircut. ‘The Rachel’ hairstyle has got to be the most memorable, popular and the best celebrity hairstyle of all time just because of how it excited females everywhere. Everyone knows ‘The Rachel’. Even today. You type r-a into your Google browser and the first choice that comes up before you even stop typing is Rachel Green. ‘The Rachel’ said modern, confident and sexy and it spawned a whole new sector of fandom, not just for Jennifer Aniston who played Rachel Green, not just for the character Rachel Green, but for the hairstyle itself. Back in the day fans of the hit TV show Friends devoted whole fan clubs to ‘The Rachel’, the hairstyle that has got to be the most unforgettable and culture changing hairstyle ever.


But what do you think? Did your favorite celebrity hairstyle make the list? Would your 10 best celebrity hairstyles of all time list look different than ours? Tells us. What celebrity hairstyle would or wouldn’t be on this list?


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